Progressive Tops Radio Advertising List


Like a bolt from the blue, insurance company Progressive has come from “nowhere” to land atop the Media Monitors list of radio’s leading national advertisers. Progressive ran 54,890 ads around the country last week. The previous number one, Vicks, wasn’t far behind with 51,272. Rounding out the top five were GEICO (41,064), Walmart (37,279), and digital entertainment outfit Seriously (36,672). Perennial advertising giant The Home Depot reentered the top 10 at number seven with 30,986 spots.


  1. YAAAS! I too love this radio commercial. I really hope they make it into a TV commercial… I can soooo imagine 2 blondes (ideally: Alicia Sylverstone – from Clueless, and Christina Applegate – from The Bundies) by a pool on a sunny day on lounge chairs and as they get excited they sit up and so forth… would be Awesome!!! 😆😂🤣

  2. I love these commercials!! I told my daughter it reminded me of her. I laugh ever time they come on. Easily my favourite commercials!!!

  3. Has anyone found this yet??? I finally heard it yesterday and my daughter (who’s 7) was dying of laughter, too!! Can someone post a link or share if it’s available?

  4. Further to my recent post about having both links. Try this. Just add https:// before the links below.


  5. I have both. Yes there are Two!!!

    “Zaaa” and “Birthdaaa”

    Can’t seem to get the moderator to allow my links to post. I got the clips directly from the public relations department at Progressive. If you know somewhere else I can post them, please let me know and I will do it. They are on Vimeo but don’t show up on google search. The agency is “Arnold Worldwide”.


  6. I just captured the audio in an iPhone screen recording. Send me an email at mrmadchemist @ if you want a copy…

  7. This is literally driving me insane, that I can’t find it. A lot of folks (Millennials) won’t even GET IT!!! I need to hear it again, and again, and again… 🤣🤣🤣

    • What? Older millennial here, and people talking like this (and parents warning us not to make it a habit ourselves or else) was everywhere at the end of the 80s and early 90s. Like, omagaaaaaaaw or some junk! We, like, totally know waaaa it’s, like, funnnah.

  8. I agree it’s a great commercial! I want to find it so bad it’s driving me crazy!

    Anyone that is lucky enough to find it please post the link, thank you!

  9. I’m trying to find a recording of that commercial to send to my bestie! I was dying! If anyone finds it please post the link! 🙂

    Thahhhks ha a gad daaahhhhhy!

  10. Oh mah gahhh… I need to find this ad! I was crying in the car yesterday and today bc of it. SOOO funny! I need to show my sister and mom. Great job to whoever came up with it, and voiced it.

  11. Yooo I’m tryna find this commercial too!! ND ended up here! I was dying in the car by myself. Wanna find it and share it!

  12. I heard a radio commercial today (7/25) for Progressive that featured 2 “valley girls” talking in that valley girl way and it was hilarious. I want to know who did it and I want to hear it again. The thing that most struck me about it was you could not understand a word they were saying. Amazing Progressive bought it and ran it. And then the announcer at the end, sounding very serious, imitates the girls’ accent. Hilarious.

    • I agree, Jeff – Such a great commercial! Actually, I think there are a series of two – one where the ‘valley girls’ save enough money (by switching to Progressive) to by some ‘zaa’ and the other where one of them forgets her mom’s ‘birthdaa’ Both magnificent! Trying to find them online…

    • Lol, I heard it yesterday and loved it also. The secret is to listen to it like you do to drunk people. Don’t listen to it directly, kind of ease up on your listening, relax your ears and passively listen to it… It’s like the magic eye images but for your ears. Love this commercial and want to hear it again!


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