New York Times Podcasting Impeachment Proceedings


The New York Times has debuted The Latest, a new audio series that follows the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Congressional Editor Julie Hirschfeld Davis, who has covered both the White House and Congress, as well a cast of congressional reporters, politics reporters, and White House
correspondents, will have the story as developments unfold.

Theo Balcomb, Executive Producer of The Daily, said: “We’re deeply committed to
giving our listeners the news they need, when they need it. The Latest will bring them to the heart of the impeachment inquiry in the way that only NYT Audio can: through sound-forward storytelling, New York Times reporter scoops, and rich context.”

New episodes of The Latest will be released in the evenings, after the day’s public hearings and news developments have unfolded.

Listeners can subscribe on Apple Podcasts or the podcast app of their choice.


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