Police Try To Arrest Dunlap – Judge Says No Go


A judge ruled that police investigators did not have enough evidence to back up a charge of extortion against former WWL host Seth Dunlap. Entercom believes Dunlap sent a homophobic tweet to himself, from his cell phone, then tried to extort nearly $2 million from the company.

NOLA.com is reporting that Magistrate Commissioner Robert Blackburn would not grant detectives a warrant to arrest Dunlap on the extortion charge. The judge said the evidence provided did not back up the charge.

Dunlap says he’s innocent and his attorney claims he passed a lie detector test. After the homophobic tweet was sent, from the WWL Twitter account, Dunlap took a leave of absence. Entercom conducted an investigation and came to the conclusion that Dunlap, who is openly gay, sent the tweet himself and they turned the matter over to police.

NOLA.com reports that “police can still pursue an arrest warrant alleging that Dunlap committed a different offense based on the same evidence, or it could renew its request for an extortion charge by bolstering its application with more evidence.”


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