What Super Podcast Listeners Think About Radio Ads?


    Not surprisingly, they think there are too many, and that’s a bonus for podcasters. For now anyway, podcasts have a lot lighter ad load than radio, however, it’s starting to creep up.  Edison’s Tom Webster and PodcastOne CEO Peter Morris hosted a webinar Tuesday that focused on what they called super podcasts listeners, those who listen to podcasts for more than five hours every week. 

    One of radio’s biggest criticisms is the amount of commercials jammed into every hour. The super listener survey confirms that criticism. When asked about which medium plays too many ads, radio comes in third, behind TV and Social Media. Podcasts still shine in that area, although 35 % of those surveyed say podcast stopsets are getting longer, while 59% say they are saying the same.

    Also from the survey 44% say they pay more attention to advertising on podcasts than on other forms of media. They agree its the best way for brands to reach them and the ads they hear are relevant to them. Radio came in dead last on this chart.




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