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Forecast 2020 is coming up November 20 at the Harvard Club, NYC. This premier event brings together the best and brightest talent in broadcasting and advertising to forecast the coming year. Andy Sippel, EVP Media, Advertiser Perceptions in NYC has more than 25 years of extensive sales and marketing experience. He has run large sales and marketing organizations, including ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Sports.
Sippel will be a member of the panel: Economic Forecasting: Revenue Trends and Expectations for 2020. He shared some brief insights with Radio Ink.

Radio Ink: In the near term, 2020 has got to be about political revenues. How do you see that shaping up? Outside of Presidential, what is the value of looking for revenue in other races, state and even local?
Sippel: All the estimates are for overall political spending to jump considerably over the 2016 election with an energized Democratic Party and an expectation of a number of big, tightly contested Senate and Governor races.

Radio Ink: Does radio still have the reach for political ads, or is it going to be a dog fight with other platforms for revenue?
Sippel: Yes and yes. Radio loses the share game to television and digital but the rising tide should lift radio’s boat as well. The question you ask leads the witness — radio, of course, needs to trumpet its reach — especially in a world where television’s reach continues to decline.

Radio Ink: Aside from political ad revenue, what other categories can be worthwhile for radio to explore in 2020?
Sippel: Based on new research we have in the field right now, we’ll be able to say soon which categories will be hottest in 2020. Already, we can see that advertisers’ quest for granularity at scale will drive up radio.

Radio is starting to deliver target segments based on interests and behavior at large enough scale to make a significant difference to a media plan — in large part because networks are bringing data and attribution people forward in selling more than ever before.

Don’t miss the rest of what Andy Sippel has to say about next year’s revenue prospects, exclusively at Forecast 2020. He’ll be joined by Leah Casterlin, Founding Partner, Media Fortitude Partners, Jack Myers, Founder, MyersBizNet and MediaVillage, and Patrick McGee, SVP/Political Strategies, Katz Radio Group, in a session led by Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates.

See the full agenda for Forecast HERE
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