The WOW Factor Gets First Affiliate


Riviera Broadcasting has hired legendary programmer John Sebastian as PD and consultant for KOAI-FM/Phoenix. Sebastian will be evolving KOAI into his new music format called The WOW Factor. KOAI will be the first radio station in the country to launch this format, built exclusively for Baby Boomers and 45+ Gen Xers.

Sebastian has programmed major market radio stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, DC, Boston, Seattle, and Phoenix. He said KOAI will be the first of what he hopes will be many WOW Factor stations across America. The format has an eclectic mix of music researched and curated for Baby Boomers.

Riviera Broadcasting CEO Michael Cutchall said John has been one of the most innovative programmers in the history of radio. “There is no one better to connect with listeners and communities in his approach and philosophy to programming. His excitement to join our team is contagious and his desire to win is relentless.”


  1. What a positive addition to FM radio BUT….I would love a few of the eclectic songs presented and there are plenty of them that are never ever aired. Stir it up a bit bc it’s a bit predictable. Don’t get me wrong. I’m so grateful for your efforts. Thank you.
    Come in….stir the pot.

  2. I used to listen to the cloud out of cottonwood, AZ. I live in Camp Verde, That station can not even come close to the good music you guys play; Looks like I found the best music station in the state. THANKS……

  3. I am telling everyone about this station. Finally there is a radio station I can relate to. Way to go and PLEASE keep this station going for us music lovers everywhere. Thank you!

  4. I have not streamed it yet , but once I do it will be on my vehicles car play streaming favorite presets , Showdown TO Walk away Renee , TO Brother Louie , To Isley Brothers That Lady and Lotta Love bu Nicolette, John You got my loyalty.

  5. Good for John. And when this format successfully takes off, iHeart/Clear Channel will try to copy it. … But they and Pittman will learn, that you can’t successfully copy a good idea, using voice-tracking and $12 an hour announcers (not personalities.)

  6. The music is interesting; the presentation is flat-out terrible. Maybe a station called “The Wow Factor” shouldn’t be a complete and utter snoozefest.

    • Give them time to hone it Jack. Nothing is perfect when it first starts out. Even Bill Drake had to work it to make it better. And look what he ended up with. Best wishes John Sebastian! Best wishes KOAI in Phoenix also! Great place to start.

  7. I hope this does as well as the Drake format did back in the 60’s. Radio needs an overhaul today, just like it did in those days. Maybe even more. Dennis Williams


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