2020 Economic Outlook: Rise Or Recession?


Factors That Will Impact the Economy
— and What That Means for Radio











As “disruption” pushes the economic and social envelopes and the election battles kick into high gear, 2020 is sure to be full of intrigue, surprises, and opportunities.

And there’s the “R word.” Some believe a recession is not an “if” but a “when.”

To address the myriad issues facing advertising and radio over the coming year, Forecast has assembled a broad range of experts to provide their perspective and informed opinions on what’s in store for the country and media in the near- and long-term future. From the near-term potential of political revenues to a long eye on media in general and radio specifically as perceived through the lens of advertisers, this panel, led by well-respected media analyst Gordon Borrell, will delve into the challenges and opportunities in store for radio in the next year and beyond. And they will also weigh in on what categories, platforms, and initiatives are most likely to generate the biggest revenue growth, return on investment, and expansion in the upcoming roller coaster of a year.

Gordon Borrell is CEO of Borrell Associates and the local media industry’s leading analyst. He is ranked in the top 2% among Gerson Lehrman Group’s 150,000 consultants worldwide and is quoted frequently in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Ad Age, Forbes, and other publications. He has appeared on CNN and other TV and radio programs discussing trends and forecasts for local media. Before starting Borrell Associates, he was vice president for new media for Landmark Communications, where he worked for 22 years. Borrell started his career as a reporter and editor for The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1989 he began pioneering interactive ventures and helped establish the first TV, newspaper, cable, and network TV websites.

Leah Casterlin is a founding partner of Media Fortitude Partners. She started in the political media industry in 2000 at Message and Media, Inc. in New Jersey and became media director of the firm in 2007, responsible for planning and executing several successful multi-million-dollar statewide campaigns. In 2012, Casterlin was one of the first political media buyers to embrace digital media and incorporate it into many of her accounts. In 2017, along with partner Carrie Xu, she started Media Fortitude Partners, which executed the first political addressable campaign for Comcast with the Murphy for New Jersey Governor campaign. Since its launch MFP has executed several statewide campaigns, including both traditional and digital media. During the midterm elections in 2018, Media Fortitude Partners worked on political campaigns in over 20 states.

Patrick McGee is senior vice president of political strategies for Katz Radio Group, overseeing the political vertical for Katz and leveraging the organization’s reach across more than 4,000 radio stations and thousands of digital platforms. McGee has an extensive background in political advertising and strategy. He started his career working for Katz Television Group. In 2002, McGee served as deputy political director for a Congressional race before moving back into advertising sales at Interep. In 2005, he joined Katz Radio Group to run Eastman Radio’s Philadelphia region. He was promoted to manager in 2009 to oversee all of Katz’s radio divisions in the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., region. In 2011, he became vice president of political sales and strategy, overseeing all political advertising efforts for Katz Radio Group. In 2014, he was promoted to his current role.

Jack Myers is founder of MyersBizNet and MediaVillage; veteran trends and economic forecaster; consultant to leading marketers, media companies, agencies and industry service organizations; author and global advocate for the role and value of media to society, culture and business. MyersBizNet drives business objectives for clients through The Myers Report research and market intelligence, MediaVillage content creation and distribution engine, and Jack Myers Knowledge Exchange education and diversity initiatives. He is author of five books on cultural transformation and has been honored with a George Foster Peabody Award for journalistic excellence and Academy and Emmy Award nominations for Best Documentary Feature.

Andrew Sippel, EVP of Media at Advertiser Perceptions, is a seasoned media executive with more than 25 years of extensive sales and marketing experience including digital, magazines, newspapers, radio, and cable and broadcast television. He has run large sales and marketing organizations including ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Sports. While at ESPN, he was a key part of the team that created the first true multi-media sales organization focused on helping marketers create first class sports marketing solutions. At Advertiser Perceptions, Andrew is focused on working with clients such as Cumulus/Westwood One, Warner Brothers, Hulu, Turner, and AT&T.

These are some of the thought-provoking, forward-leaning visionaries you’ll hear only at Forecast 2020.

Forecast brings together the best and brightest talent in broadcasting and advertising to forecast the coming year, and to discuss the trends and momentums that will affect ratings and revenue. From Washington to Wall Street, automobiles to mobile devices, Forecast focuses on what’s ahead in the broadcast community’s future and how to prepare for its opportunities and challenges. Join today’s industry leaders and be part of the discussions and debates about what’s ahead for radio in 2020 and beyond. Register today for Forecast 2020 before it sells out.

Forecast 2020
November 20, 2019
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