To Cut Costs Salem Shrinks Board


Salem Media Group has announced the resignation of four board members to cut costs. James Keet Lewis, Jonathan Venverloh, Stuart W. Epperson Jr., and Edward C. Atsinger have all resigned.

Salem CEO Ed Atsinger said the resignations had nothing to do with any disagreements on operations, policies, or practices. “During the last few years, Salem has faced several unique financial headwinds and we are looking for ways to cut costs while not impacting revenue. These resigning board members agreed that a reduction in board fees and travel costs would help improve the bottom line. I am grateful for the service of Messrs. Lewis, Venverloh, Epperson Jr., and Atsinger. Their years of service on the board contributed significantly to the impact Salem is making.”

With these departures, Salem’s board consists of its founding members Edward G. Atsinger, III and Stuart Epperson, and Eric Halvorson, Rich Riddle, and Heather Grizzle.


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