Ontario Group Fastest-Growing in Canada


For the ninth consecutive year, My Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), has been ranked on the Growth 500 list published by Canadian Business and Maclean’s Magazine. Founded in 2004 with six employees, MBC now operates radio stations in 21 Ontario, Canada, markets with a staff of more than 125 employees. Radio Ink talked with MBC President Jon Pole.

Radio Ink: The Name My Broadcasting Corporation is unique. How did the name come about?
Pole: We were looking for a name that when people talk about the radio station, they kind of make it their own. All of our AC stations are branded “My FM,” so we figured if that was going to be the name of the stations, then that should be the name of the company too.

Radio Ink: The name seems to indicates the philosophy of local being important?
Pole: I would say in Ontario, with the exception of Rogers Media that has two all news stations in the province, I would be surprised if we don’t have the second-largest radio newsroom. We’re not in major markets. We really believe in local news. We research our audiences on a regular basis, and the number one reason people listen to our radio stations is local news; followed by music, contests, and local announcers. We put up a lot of local news. Our news people are really involved in many local things, so they are really our stars.

Radio Ink: What do you attribute your success to?
Pole: Our people, of course. But when I dial it down to the sort of “secret sauce,” it’s three things. First we show up: we show up for work, we show up for events, we show up when we’re needed and even not needed. Secondly: we don’t give up, we have a very good team in all aspects of the business — news, sales, contests. We just don’t give up. Finally: we have a saying that we’re not perfect radio stations. Our people, our culture, believes we can always be better. No matter what element it is, it is never the end, we see it as the next step of being better. That’s what truly sets us apart.

Radio Ink: What does the future hold for MBC?
Pole: We’ve made acquisitions in the past; we don’t have any on the radar at this moment but that doesn’t mean we won’t. We are just going to continue to keep growing and doing the good things that we do. Whether it’s buying more stations or coming up with new ideas, we will being giving it our best.

You can contact Jon Pole, President, MBC at: 613.432.6936 or e-mail: [email protected]


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