New Trint Platform Edits News Events In Seconds


Realtime Transcription by Trint is an automated transcription and online productivity platform designed to help newsrooms and content producers collaboratively edit, verify, and share coverage of breaking news and live events virtually as they happen.

“There’s more pressure than ever before to cover news and live events as they unfold, and
at the same time ensure that the coverage is accurate and trustworthy,” said Kofman. “Trint’s new feature gives newsrooms and content producers the tools they need to find the moments that matter most and be the first to share them with the world.”

With Realtime Transcription, users plug a livestream feed from any breaking news event into Trint’s online platform. The interactive transcript appears three seconds later in the Trint Editor, which combines a text editor with an audio/video player, gluing the live source audio to the words on the screen, just three seconds after they are spoken. As soon as the Realtime session starts, dozens of users in multiple locations can access, collaborate, edit, and publish the most important moments as quotes and soundbites while the event is still happening. Once the live event is over, the verified transcript is saved and searchable for future reference.


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