Alpha Host Has Stage Four Cancer


Bill Feingold hosts mornings on K-NEWS in Palm Springs (KNWZ-FM). Thinking he had bronchitis, Feingold went to the emergency room, where he was told he had stage four liver cancer. His treatment starts September 12.

The cancer has spread to his colon, lungs and bones. Feingold told The Desert Sun, “This is the hand I’ve been dealt. but I have to keep working. Alpha Media is hoping for a semi-miracle so I can come back,” he said. “I would come back in a second.”

On September 15 Feingold will turn 70.


  1. Hi Bill,
    I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2011, and received treatment ….
    I hope you will take a look at the following book, “I Believe In Miracles”; it is a collection of 21 true, first-person stories, originally published in 1948; there are two best-selling sequels to it, all of them compiled by Kathryn Kuhlman. These collections of amazing accounts will bless you and yours.


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