What’s Going On With Local Ad Revenue? (Day 3)


With local ad revenue floundering in Q2 for public radio companies, we are looking at the local ad bottom line of privately held radio groups. Connoisseur Media operates 17 stations and digital brands in six markets across four states. Jeffrey Warshaw, CEO, shared his thoughts with Radio Ink.

Radio Ink: How was you local in Q2?
Warshaw: Our local total was up slightly and our national was down.

Radio Ink: What categories have been good for you?
Warshaw: Our best category has been health care. Our worst category is auto, which has been down about 20 percent over the past five years.

Radio Ink: What do you see as some of the challenges you are facing going forward?
Warshaw: Dealing with the high level of attrition in the auto sector. Tier one and tier two auto dollars have been very disappointing. Dealing with the ups and downs of the telecom category. Ultimately, we need to focus on our local business because those are the more controllable dollars.

Radio Ink: How are things pacing for Q3?
Warshaw: Q3 is down by low single digits.

Radio Ink: How are you feeling about the remainder of 2019?
Warshaw: It’s very hard to tell. Everything breaks very late now, so it’s hard to tell. We are all going to be missing political, but without political we are hoping to be up by low single digits in the fourth quarter.

Thanks to Jeffrey Warshaw, CEO, Connoisseur Media

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  1. There is no good reason for Auto business to be down anywhere in Radio. Over 40 years of working with Auto and Auto Dealer advertising I find it incredulous that in any station or group in any market is still trying to get business the old way. You print an article like this, a man obviously needing help with this; yet provide no way to email or cnmtact him. Also, his company site has many accolades but no path to contact him or anyone there either. I can increase any station’s or group of stations sales revenue by 15 percent minimum in 6 months, particularly in the category of Auto. Next year will see the largest expenditure of both auto and political advertising in history. Mr. Warshaw and others will not get their share if they remain inaccessible. Thanks for at least providing a way to comment.


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