Willy To Wake Up Calgary


Q107 in Calgary has signed on for popular morning show Willy in the Morning, starting Tuesday, August 27. Willy Percy, Kim Seale, and Alece Anderson will be on-air from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekday mornings. Willy in the Morning is a top-rated morning show on Vancouver’s Rock 101.

“The team has great energy and a strong rapport that we know will resonate with Q107 listeners and quickly become a highlight of their morning routines,” said Phil Kallsen, Program Director, Q107 Calgary. “We can’t wait to share this personality-driven, sharp-witted, and fun morning show with Calgarians on August 27.”

(Photo L-R): Rock ‘n’ roll radio trio Alece, Willy, and Kim are ready to help Calgary wake-up on Q107.


  1. Here’s how it should have gone down:
    The out-of-market vice president walks into a meeting of programmers and says, “Hey, guys! I’ve got a fabulous idea!

  2. Oh look … another syndicated morning show that pushes another station away from local and pushes listeners straight to streaming audio and podcasts where they can get just as much relevant local information … only with content of their choosing.

    Watch for my shocked face when people realize they’re laughing about nothing day in and day out and it gets really, really old really really fast. More talent eliminated … more talent that will never be developed for the future … and more questions down the line about why the industry can’t find any talent to be on air.

    This is radio’s slow death by a thousand paper cuts. One syndicated prime time show at a time.

    If it isn’t local, it may as well be satellite … or Spotify … or {insert streaming audio provider here}.


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