Radio Could Generate More Revenue — If It Wasn’t Such A Clique


    Those are the words of Mitch Russo, founder of, and former CEO of the Tony Robbins & Chet Holmes Business Breakthrough. On Tuesday, we highlighted Russo’s column in Forbes where he described how radio helped build his business with Tony Robbins. Today, we have an audio interview with Russo where he goes into even more detail about that success and has some advice for the industry about how to grow revenue. LISTEN BELOW.

    Check out Russo’s website HERE

    He also wants you to check out where he teaches clients how to maximize profits from every radio and TV spot they run.

    Contact Russo by e-mail at [email protected]


    1. I’m not quite sure why RadioInk thinks the man’s comments on radio are so wonderful that he deserves 3 days exposure on the RadioInk newsletter.
      He said some complimentary things about his radio buying experience, to be sure, but…
      He also urged using an agency to get better rates, and suggested not buying any long-term advertising contracts.
      He tells of expecting the phone to ring each time one of his ads runs, and slowly increasing his ad budget after getting results from radio ads.
      There certainly are far better testimonials from radio advertisers than this one. Trouble is, the smart businessmen who really get radio results aren’t going to tell about it.

    2. That, Milt, is because, where I live, the sun is still up at midnight! 🙂
      Useless and superficial deflection aside, am I mistaken in referring to Mr. Russo’s comments as being an accurate representation of his experience?

    3. The most impressive takeaway for me from Mr. Russo’s comments was his insistence on experimenting with the creative.
      What is key is that it was on HIS insistence.
      Radio is unwilling and, in too many cases, unable to deliver the creative it will take to get desired audience responses.
      Stations are no longer staffed to do the job and agencies have little interest.
      Whaddya gonna do?


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