Stolz Stymied Three More Times


California broadcaster Ed Stolz continues to fight the long-ago approved CBS Radio merger with Entercom – and he continues to lose. On Tuesday The FCC issued three more Stolz denials. Here’s what they were about…

The Commission again denied Stolz’ attempt to block the merger, which he says should have been denied based on Les Moonves’ behavior of “harassment and retaliation.” Read the denial HERE.

Stolz also lost another attempt to stop the license renewal of Sacramento station KDND, which Entercom spun off in the merger anyway. KDND was the former Entercom station that ran a contest that lead to the death of one of the contestants (Hold your Wee for a Wii). Read that denial HERE.

And, finally, Stolz was again denied his attempt to challenge five Entercom license renewals in Sacramento. The Commission denial states Stolz had no standing in that proceeding.

Stolz has been fighting the merger for years. The CBS Radio Entercom merger was approved in 2017.


  1. What a putz. Meanwhile, he claims to be HD in Vegas & Palm Springs, but isn’t… running 2 illegal translators with original programming in the latter… people in glass houses…

  2. He’s been going after this for, like…forever. Dude, give it up! The station’s long gone. You’re never getting it back!

  3. At this point, after this long, does the FCC need to maybe seek a judicial restraining order against Stolz???

    His motives are so obvious…and disturbing…stop!


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