Brad LaRock Passes At Age 60


Radio programming and sales veteran Brad LaRock died suddenly last week in Texas. The longtime on-air talent also worked in sales and management. His work included tours of duty with Nielsen, Townsquare, and CBS Radio and he was on the board of the Texas Association of Broadcasters.

For the past 17 years, LaRock has been a familiar voice and face as in-stadium announcer and host for the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. He leaves behind a record of successful stations, a large group of industry friends and clients.


  1. My gosh! With the recent passing of Dallas sportscasting legend, Roger Emrich, who also did P.A. announcing for the Dallas Cowboys home games, this is a sad time for Texas radio broadcasting. And, both LaRock and Emrich were only in their early 60s!

    All we can do is cherish our memories of these fine, talented industry veterans, pray for their families, and wish our departed friends, “Rest in peace”.


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