Field: We Will Play Offense


In an internal memo to employees Entercom CEO David Field has outlined Entercom’s upcoming aggressive priorities that he says will keep the company playing offense.

Field wrote that the company will continue to make big investments, it will have to continue to make difficult changes and it will be redeploying spending essential for the future of the company. He then listed 8 specific priorities that will be incorporated over the next 18 months and beyond. Here they are…

  • We will continue to make significant investments in our products and brands to enhance the quality of how we serve the 170 million listeners who touch our brands each month.
  • We will continue to build and improve aggressively toward our goal of making it one of the country’s leading digital audio apps.
  • We will work to enhance and grow our news brands and deepen their audience engagement.
  • We will elevate our community service work, focusing on our five areas of key focus: the environment; the military community; suicide prevention and related medical health issues and bullying; pediatric cancer care, and civics education.
  • We will roll out new and enhanced data, analytics and attribution capabilities to better demonstrate our outstanding value to our customers.
  • We will continue to step up our share shift efforts with medium and large local and national advertisers by enhancing our toolkit with products like Nielsen’s Local and National NMI. NMI uses actual Nielsen audience data to powerfully demonstrate why advertisers should shift large portions of their media budget into radio, just as a number of companies, most notably P&G, have done.
  • We will build on our powerful sports platform and further develop our podcasting business
  • We will continue to add more outstanding and talented leaders and specialists to our team.


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