Entercom, Cadence13 Honor Veterans


Entercom and Cadence13 are launching an original podcast called To War and Back, which explores the lives of three combat veterans and their journeys on the battlefield and on their return home. The full six-episode series will launch exclusively on Radio.com.

To War and Back features journalist and Navy veteran Phil Briggs, host of the Connecting Vets podcast, traveling cross country to meet three combat veterans—U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Kirstie Ennis (Ret.), U.S. Marine Corps Major Scott Huesing (Ret.), and U.S. Army veteran Sgt. Boone Cutler—to document their incredible experiences, to war and back. From cheating death in Iraq and Afghanistan to surviving and fighting the battles they faced when they got home, the lives of these American heroes are inspiring and unforgettable. Briggs also speaks with the three veterans’ friends and family members on To War and Back, bringing their firsthand perspective of what it’s like to have a loved one serve, to the conversation.

To War and Back will launch on June 10, with all six episodes exclusively available at launch on Radio.com.

In addition, a new episode will be released weekly everywhere podcasts are available. Listen to the trailer and subscribe to the series HERE.

“From the moment I first heard about Kirstie, Scott, and Boone, I knew I wanted to tell their story. As a vet myself, I didn’t want to commercialize their combat, or glorify their scars, but I wanted the world to hear that you can find inspiration, even in desperation,” said Phil Briggs, ConnectingVets.com. “Their stories show what being a combat vet can be like, and it’s so much more than what we see in movies and on TV.”


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