Don Marsh Turns Down Award


This goes back to a story we first told you about on April 4 when Marsh quit his longtime hosting job at St. Louis Public Radio. Marsh says he was called into a manager’s office after saying to a guest, “You Look Great.”

Months before the incident, Marsh was told he had won the 2019 Millard S. Cohen Lifetime Achievement Award from St. Louis Public Radio.

Marsh says after what took place at the station he will not be accepting the award.

He told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Accepting that award, or even awarding it to me now, would be inappropriate.”

KWMU GM Tim Eby says the award will not be given out this year.


  1. Big surprise, that a person who grew up in a past generation gets ensnared in controversy following an
    innocent comment to a (female) guest. I emphatically declare that you can take your political correctness
    and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.
    Congrats to Mr. Marsh for refusing to accept this otherwise honorable award. I stand with you.


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