Cohen Does A VP Switch


Jamie Cohen has been promoted from VP of Local Digital to the broader role of VP of Broadcast Digital, at Salem. In addition, Cohen will be overseeing and guiding digital operations, content accessibility and distribution, as well as database building and monetization. In 2018, Cohen was responsible for expanding Salem’s digital sales program at the local level with the successful launch of Salem Surround; he will now be overseeing all aspects of the broadcast division’s digital initiatives.

“I’m honored to be able to continue contributing to Salem’s expansion into greater levels of digital content strategy,” said Cohen. “With the launch of Salem Surround, we have really taken tremendous strides in strengthening our digital strategies as a company, and I’m excited to help expand even further.”

“In the 15 months Jamie has worked for Salem building our digital sales model, he has proven to have a depth of understanding that goes far beyond sales,” said Salem’s President of Broadcast Media, Dave Santrella. “I am confident that we will see our digital efforts in the broadcast division grow and thrive under Jamie’s leadership.”


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