Westwood Partners With Nielsen


Nielsen announced on Monday that Westwood One will license Nielsen’s national version of Nielsen Media Impact. Nielsen Media Impact is a cross-platform media planning and optimization solution that helps clients understand total campaign reach, frequency, and duplication using advanced audience segments.

Cumulus Media EVP of Marketing and Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes says, with Nielsen Media Impact, Westwood One can show advertisers the effect on overall campaign reach and frequency when money is moved between media. “Advertisers will be able to access this tool through the groundbreaking Westwood One ROI Guarantee audio insights platform. It’s a new dimension in making media investments work smarter for marketers using radio, podcasting, and streaming to drive ROI. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the power of adding audio to a media plan, giving agencies and brands the information they need to understand the true value of our medium in driving sales.”

Cumulus/Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard says brands are looking for strategies to fortify and enhance their TV plans and Westwood One can now demonstrate the incrementality of adding radio to a media plan. “Radio makes your TV better, and now we have proof via the gold standard of Nielsen total audience measurement.”


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