Mysterious Disappearance Featured In New Podcast


True crime continues to be a very hot genre for podcasts. In that tradition, Albany, New York’s News Radio 810 AM and 103.1 FM have launched a new iHeartRadio Original Podcast, Upstate Unsolved, hosted by WGY reporter Phoebe LaFave. Premiering March 2 — the 21st anniversary of Suzanne Lyall’s mysterious disappearance — the debut episode will air on WGY at 5:00 p.m. with new episodes posting every Thursday.

LaFave investigates the death of Lyall, a sophomore student at the University at Albany who was last seen on March 2, 1998.

“This is the first ever in-depth investigative podcast series highlighting cold cases in Upstate New York,” said LaFave. “It’s our goal to bring these real stories out from the shadows, because usually someone knows something and I’m thrilled that iHeartRadio is helping me bring awareness and a new layer to her story. Suzanne Lyall’s case has been covered many times and what sets Upstate Unsolved apart is that we’re getting to the root of who Suzy really was. We’re not pointing fingers, we’re laying out the facts, bringing you back to 1998 and painting a picture of the world she lived in.”


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