Edison: ESPN Audio Flying High


ESPN Audio was recently part of the 2018 Share of the Ear from Edison Research – a nationally representative study of 2,033 Americans ages 13+ that measures their time spent listening.

Among the findings:

— 55 million people per week consume ESPN Audio programming, up 11 percent from 2017.
— ESPN Audio accounts for 53 percent of all sports digital audio listening.
— ESPN Audio podcasting saw a 16 percent year-over-year increase in listeners.

“Consumers own their media consumption. Whether it’s on a great local radio station, satellite radio, voice-activated device, podcast, or TV simulcasts, they pick how they own the decision,” said John Fitzgerald, ESPN VP Multimedia Sales. “What this study points to is the fact that they decide ESPN is where they want to spend their time. Our strategy from day one has been the best games, personalities, and stories on all channels work for our fans, advertising and affiliate partners, and us.”



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