Alexa In Your Car Is Coming


As if competing with Facebook and Google for advertising dollars wasn’t enough of a headache, another tech giant is about to add to your daily aspirin intake. And this competition is coming from the largest company in the world.

You can now pre-order Amazon Auto Echo, a small aftermarket device that allows consumers to use the voice-activated technology in vehicles. In fact over one million of these devices have been pre-ordered so far.

The technology allows consumers to connect to Alexa using their phone and plays through the vehicle speakers. The device has eight microphones and far-field technology which can hear the driver over music, air-conditioning and road noise. Among other things the device will look up the nearest gas station, open your garage door, and of course, play music

The product description says drivers will be able to stream podcasts or listen to Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, or NPR.

If your station is not set up for an Alexa skill yet you may want to get on that soon.


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