Senator Says Talk Radio Did Influence Trump


The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner is reporting that Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski absolutely believes talk radio is, in part, to blame for the shutdown of the federal government over a border wall with Mexico. Murkowski said President Trump was ready to sign a continuing resolution bill to keep the government open — then he listed to the radio.

“So we gave him a clean CR and he had lunch with a few people from the House. He listened to conservative talk radio and, whoops, all of a sudden, ‘No way am I going to sign a CR. The only thing that’s going to be acceptable is $5 billion period. End of story. So, yes. Yes, I think it has. I think clearly it had an impact.”

Rush Limbaugh has been getting a lot of the blame, or credit depending on how you look at it, for pushing the President to shut down the government. Politico even did a piece recently on how much power Rush still wields, after more than 30 years on the radio. On his show Rush consistently states that border security was why Trump was elected and he should not cave to the Democrats on that issue.


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