Howard Moves To Afternoons At WLS/Chicago


Thirty-year Chicago radio veteran John Howell will host a new late afternoon show on WLS-AM. The John Howell Show will air live on WLS-AM weekdays, 5–7 p.m. Howell has been filling the morning 6-9 a.m. time slot. He makes the switch on January 3, 2019.

Marv Nyren, Vice President/Market Manager, Cumulus Chicago, said, “As part of the new lineup at WLS-AM 890, keeping an experienced Chicago talent like John Howell solidifies the lineup and will give our audience a reason to stay tuned throughout the entire day. John has been entertaining Chicagoland for over 30 years and his program will be the perfect way to wrap up the day on your way home.”

Howell added, “I’m very excited about hosting the new afternoon show at WLS-AM 890. I intend to present Chicago with a quick-paced, informative, honest, and intelligent summary of the day’s biggest stories; an afternoon wrap of the day’s biggest events featuring prominent newsmakers, reporters, experts, and stars. Of course, our town’s most colorful characters will also be welcome. In addition, I’m looking forward to (finally) golfing when the sun’s in the east.”


  1. I really like the new line up but just can’t listen anymore. It’s nonstop commercials for Balance of Nature “fruits and veggies” who seem to own the station. They have so many FCC and BBB complaints against them, and only escape because they’re not doing “harm”, nut it is at best bogus, snake oil preying on sick people and selling scientifically dubious vitamins at high prices. Add to the 30 commercials an hour for BoN are the 20 commercials for erectile dysfunction bogus meds. My kids don’t need to listen to this all day. Our office changed stations, as it’s inappropriate to hear some growly-voice hyper chick go on and on about MEN! Want to perform better in the bedroom? all day. Even an ad for life insurance has the couple giggling at the end, asking what ever shall they find to do, now that they will have peace of mind and time to do nothing all night? wink wink giggle giggle. When it’s not those 2 commercials, back to back to back to ack we have the Vaping Juul nicotine e-cig. Why is advertising cigarettes not allowed but we have to hear 8 commercials an hour of over the top voice actors going on and on and on adn on about how awesome ecig smoking is? And where do they hire these people? It is cloying, boring and really – if that’s WLS’s demographic I guess everyone I know including myself don’t need to listen because we aren’t addicted white trash who cure our cancer/tick infestation/kidney failure/ED with veggie pills. We’re told the hyper, manic chick going on and on talking about how she “honestly thinks she almost sort of remembers saying to her brother the other day…” that she didn’t need to go smoke a cig before they went to do something (why are her and her brother hanging out, giggiling doing everything constantly? It’s creepy) and he wasamazed even tho they then say she’s been smoking ecigs since 2014. They all use “I’ or “me” 9 times in one sentence. The news guy can’t put a sentence together and speaks such bizarre English, repeating things 2 times, that you don’t get the news and Cathy Whoever sings and lilts and shouts through the traffic like a 13 year old cheerleader or oprah. Now the WEATHERRRRR!!!!!!!! 5 people got shot last night and now the WEATHER!!!! the end of every sentence is a sing-song tune dragged out for 3 syllables. WLS not only scrapes the bottom with it’s insuklting ads, they can’t seem to hire professionals. Sadly we are done.


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