“Unheard LA” Funded For Two More Seasons


KPCC In Person, Southern California Public Radio’s programming events and engagement platform, has received a two-year grant of $200,000 from the California Wellness Foundation for two more seasons of its successful community-driven storytelling series Unheard LA. The series completed its second season in September.

“The California Wellness Foundation is proud to fund Unheard LA, which is particularly aligned with the goals of Cal Wellness’s public affairs strategy and its emphasis on connecting with communities and raising voices in support of health and wellness,” said David B. Littlefield, Public Affairs Manager of the foundation.

Unheard LA is a series of live storytelling shows that take place at theaters around greater Los Angeles. Each show is free, unique, and features a curated lineup of real people sharing true stories of life here in Southern California. The next two seasons will consist of five shows per calendar year.

For more information on the series, go to www.KPCC.org/unheardLA. To learn more about KPCC In Person and to see other upcoming events, go to www.KPCCInPerson.org or contact Jon Cohn, Managing Producer, 626-583-5111 or [email protected].


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