Kuhner Takes Mornings At WRKO Boston


Jeff Kuhner’s The Kuhner Report is returning to morning drive on WRKO-AM 680 in Boston, beginning November 26, and broadcasting weekday mornings from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. In addition, the debut of the new V.B. in the Middle with host Doug “V.B.” Goudie will air weekday afternoons from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., also beginning November 26. Conservative Jeff Kuhner will continue to cover today’s latest headlines and breaking political news. V.B. in the Middle will also discuss today’s biggest political headlines, with humorous, creative opinions and his connection with the Boston listeners.

“Jeff Kuhner believes what he says and says what he believes,” said Robert Sanchez, WRKO-AM 680 Program Director and Vice President of News/Talk for iHeartMedia Boston. “Bostonians need an energy burst in the morning, and with Jeff their commute just erupted.”

Kuhner began his career as a columnist for the conservative The Washington Times and brought his fiery brand of political talk to Boston in 2012. Doug “V.B.” Goudie started his media career as a cast member of The Howie Carr Show and then transitioned to television as a commentator for Boston 25 News.


  1. VB is a no talent egghead…how he gets to do advertisements and have his own show on RKO is hard to understand…..he talks like he’s got a hamburger stuck in his throat and an ego that is a complete turnoff….Kim Kerrigan was much more likeable….I say Dougie Boy will be gone in six mos..hopefully!!

  2. Love Jeff Kuhner morning or afternoon! It was just easier to listen in on noon time show but may be an advantage for the morning commuters. Don’t know what their plan is on WRKO but hopefully it draws in more listeners to learn the TRUTH about America’s politics and corruption.

  3. Just the opposite, Kuhner during the morning commute (prime time) makes a perfect sense. It was impossible to listen to the clueless jokers in the morning, I gave up on the WRKO during the commute for the last year.

  4. This is the biggest bummer. I will totally Miss Jeffrey kuhner in the afternoon. VB is second rate compared to Jeff kuhner period, bad move on your part wrko. Probably going to lose listeners


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