Savage Trying Something New


2019 will see Michael Savage launch a one-hour version of The Savage Nation radio show and a new original podcast. The Savage Nation podcast will also be available for radio broadcast. This is the first original podcast from Savage, who currently releases an on-demand version of his radio show.

“As I move into the next phase of my 25-year radio career I hope to bring even more listeners to the medium of audio with The Savage Nation,” said Savage. “I will be free to innovate in unique ways on my podcast. The flexibility of the platform will permit me to expand my storytelling and insights into politics, books, food, cars, and rock and roll. I’m going to change the way talk radio is spoken and consumed.”

“Dr. Savage’s on-demand audience is massive, and I have no doubt this new podcast will be too,” said Suzanne Grimes, Executive Vice President, Marketing for Cumulus Media and President, Westwood One. “He has fans from all over the world and from different walks of life who will flock to his versatile new shows.”



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