Foxx Making Weekends Soulful And Sweet


The Tom Kent Radio Network has launched Sweet Soul Weekend hosted by legendary WBLS New York City radio personality Jeff Foxx. The program targets adults with the greatest soul hits primarily from the 80s and 90s and is available all weekend.

CEO-President Tom Kent, said, “The idea came to me back in January on MLK Day. Martin Luther King once famously said ‘the most segregated time in America is Sunday.’ He of course was referring to church. Radio is much the same way. Unlike any other show before it, this is a show that targets Urban AC and Classic Hits stations with songs that were hits in both formats. Jeff is without a doubt the best jock I’ve ever heard doing either format.”

Foxx said, “I’ve never had so much fun on the radio! Sweet Soul Weekend is a big party for everybody. Our listeners are so much a part of our show. We laugh, we share stories, we celebrate this great music together. Sweet Soul Weekend is the most fun radio on radio with the most fun soul hits.”



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