Special Delivery For Beasley Boston


And this one will not be sitting in the prize closet. Morrissey Boulevard in Boston is the home to Beasley’s 92.9 FM, 96.9 FM, and 105.7 FM. A UPS package arrived to the building that contained what authorities believe to be 20 bags of marijuana.

The package was addressed to someone specific, but not anyone that works for Beasley. Police seized the pot and sent it off for analysis. Here’s what the company said about the incident…

“The company called the police when it discovered the contents of the package that was delivered to the stations via UPS. We do not know who the contraband was meant for. It was addressed to the location, but sent to a name that was not one of our employees. The Drug Task Force of the Boston Police Department came and confiscated the package.”


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