Craig Carton Goes On WABC All Full Of Himself


The former WFAN morning show co-host, who’s accused of running a multi-million dollar ponzi scheme and had to resign in disgrace, was on The Bernie & Sid Show, Thursday. Carton made it sound like he was the greatest New York morning show host of all time. According to The New York Post, Carton took shots at the current morning show, Boomer Esiason and Greg Giannotti, as well as Mike Francesa. Here’s what he had to say…

According to the paper, Carton said the morning show is not as good as it was. “When I left, it opened up a void on morning radio in New York City.” At the time of Carton’s arrest, Esiason said he was heartbroken for his friend.

Then he went on to personally attack Mike Francesa. He said very few people live to see 65 when they are that fat.

Carton says he’s innocent of all charges and when he gets his day in court he’ll be exonerated. Then, he expected his phone to be ringing off the hook. “Ego-wise I believe I will have multiple people come to me, and I hope they do. But when it comes out that I’m exonerated and the jury says not guilty, why wouldn’t you want to bring back the guy that was the most listened-to morning show in New York? Do I want to be back on New York radio? You bet your ass I do.”

It’s coming up on a year since Carton had to resign after he was arrested for allegedly being part of a $6.5 million ponzi scheme to pay off millions in gambling debts. He’s expected to go to trial in about two months.



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