Jacobs Media Public Radio Study Is Out


In partnership with the Public Radio Program Directors Association, Jacobs Media has released its Public Radio Techsurvey 2018. The study takes a look at how digital media impacts public radio and the media consumption behaviors of public radio listeners. Here are some of the highlights from the study…

– News/Talk continues to be the dominant format. In fact, it’s even more dominant now than two years ago. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed listened to News/Talk in 2018 compared to 40% in 2016. And the 2016 election and President Trump continue to be a big reason listeners stay tuned to their favorite public radio station.

– The public radio listener continues to grow old, something those in public radio are attempting to change with their big move into podcasting. According to the Jacobs survey, the average age of the public radio listener is now 59.7, compared to 58.1 in 2016.

– 69% of those listening to public radio still do so using their trusty old AM/FM radio, whether it’s in the car, at work, or in their homes. Only 3% are listening on smart speakers.

And perhaps most surprising is this chart below. According to the Jacobs survey, FM radio tops the list of most important new car features.

The PRTS 2018 data was gathered online from May 7-May 29, 2018. Overall, 53 public radio stations across the U.S. participated, contributing 22,552 respondents, most of whom are members of these stations’ databases.


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