Cumulus Q2 Revenue Declines 1.8%


Fresh out of bankruptcy and back on the phone with investors, CEO Mary Berner reported on Monday that Q2 revenue was down from $290.5 million to $285.2 million, a decline of 1.8%. For the first six months of the year, revenue was off 1%, declining from $554.6 million to $549 million.

Berner and CFO John Abbot were not very specific about the revenue in Q2 other than to say local was weak, and digital, national, and political were strong. Berner did say that despite continued market weakness, Cumulus grew market share and outperformed the markets in which it operates that report to Miller Kaplan.


  1. In a race for the most clueless ownership group, it’s a dead heat but may be Cumulus winning in a Photo finish. Poor excuse for a broadcast ownership group from the top down. Truly an embarrassment …


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