Alex Jones: I Am Not A  Pirate


After a barrage of news reports Thursday that a pirate radio station in Austin that was airing Alex Jones content, Jones issued a statement on his Infowars website. He said he does not operate any radio or TV station anywhere in the country and claims that he’s running an illegal station in Austin are a complete and total hoax by mainstream, corporate media to imply to the world that his broadcast is somehow illegal.

Jones also pointed out that even The FCC chimed in on the matter stating “It’s important to make clear that our pirate radio enforcement efforts — including this one — have nothing to do with the content of pirate radio stations air. We act against pirate radio stations because they are violating the law by broadcasting on the FM airwaves without a license.”

Jones stated the he “legally and lawfully transmit our broadcast like every other TV and radio show in the world to affiliates that have licenses on cable TV, broadcast TV and AM/FM radio. Media reports to the contrary are implying that our broadcast is illegal by preying on the public’s ignorance on how broadcasting works. We do not have a radio station. This is a giant hoax. There are thousands of “micro” radio stations across the country that we have nothing to do with, including the recently shut down station.”


  1. How is anybody to take a hoax-peddlar who is claiming a hoax is an actual hoax – assuming the original story is also a hoax, after all?
    I am reminded of Al Franken’s “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them”. At least, Al provides the yuks.


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