Serving Up The Gossip


It’s a new (scripted) podcast called Gossip. Gossip and it centers on three unlikely female friends: Valerie (Victoria Rowell), Mia (Amanda Perez), and Bethany (Allison Raskin). Each week, they meet at the Golden Cup Coffee Corner to drink coffee and share the latest gossip floating around their not-so-traditional suburban town, Golden Acres. When the juicy stories involve infidelity, secret pasts, and murder, does it even matter if the rumors are true? Each episode will also feature an accompanying comic from New Yorker artists such as Amy Kurzweil, Sofia Warren, Hilary Campbell, and others. The show was developed by bestselling author Allison Raskin.

Episodes #1-10 are publicly available now on all pod catchers, and all 12 episodes can be binged on Stitcher Premium.


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