Making Life Good In Spencer’s Neighborhood


St. Louis station 106.5 The Arch’s morning show, Spencer’s Neighborhood, featured a local woman who was refused service at a local nail salon — and made sure she was well taken care of! Spencer’s Neighborhood co-host Cassiday shared the story of a local wheelchair-bound young woman who was denied service at a St. Peters, Missouri, nail salon, and how it made an impression on her.

“When I heard about a local wheelchair-bound woman being discriminated against at a nail salon, I was heartbroken. To learn that she and her mom went in for a pedicure, only to be told ‘we don’t serve people like HER’ by the salon owner was shocking. I knew we needed to do something and I was confident with the power of local radio, The Arch could take a hurtful moment and make it positive for them. We had them come in to meet us and surprised them with a spa pedicure live on air – courtesy of my friend, nail tech Bailey from Cut and Dye Salon, in the radio studio. To be able to bring a smile to this young woman and her mother’s faces was priceless. It’s days like this I am reminded of the power of radio and that there are good hearts across the St. Louis bi-state.”

And it gets better. Another local salon called and offered to treat the mother, Dorothy, and daughter Beth, to a FULL day of pampering, noting that there are good salons out there that care, and that everyone should be welcome.

Kudos to Spencer’s Neighborhood!


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