44% Of Advertisers Use Radio


That’s according to the latest piece of data released from Borrell & Associates. As Borrell’s latest chart shows, traditional advertising such as newspapers, direct mail, radio and yellow pages remain strong with local advertisers. Despite being plagued by fraud, bots and fake users, Social Media remains highest on the list, used by 78% of the 2,212 businesses polled by Borrell. Radio was sixth, with 44% of the respondents in the survey stating they still use radio in their media mix.

Following social media were: newspaper (67%), e-mail marketing (56%), event marketing (50%) and direct mail (47%). Borrell’s annual survey of local advertisers is done from April through July where thousands of local advertisers answers more than 40 questions.

In addition to the base questions about gross revenue, number of employees, and business type, Borrell asks about advertising expenditures on each of 13 different types of media (digital, mobile, newspapers, cable, direct mail, etc.), and what they’re planning to increase or decrease. They also ask detailed questions about digital media expenditures, including spending habits on digital services, social media, SEM, mobile, and banner advertising.


  1. My market is unique in that we have a high number of commuters who leave the county so radio seems to be doing okay but I really see local TV and cable elbowing radio out of the way. Print, well I am now a former print rep and I can tell you that my local small businesses have no interest in print. They want social media, online, and event marketing. In businesses where the older generation had control or influence, print was an easy sell but with next generation, they had no interest. I had one client who loved print and radio. He would to tailor his ads so they complimented each other but he was the exception.

  2. Compared to radio, all forms of print media are: easier to understand, contain more content and the information presented is more easily recalled. Radio, when delivered properly, has more emotional influence.
    However, to our shame, radio copy is presented, generally, as “newspaper-of-the-air”.
    This makes us – the uninformed, reluctant dummies.
    Stacks of unread papers are similar to all those annoying, disregarded or outright rejected radio spots.
    Radio can make no particularly compelling arguments other than those that would include “potentials”.

  3. It’s a continual fight for us to convince small business owners that despite declining readership, that newspaper advertising is more expensive and reaches less people than radio. But for some reason they feel because you can hold it, fold it, cut it out – it’s more relevant. Despite the pictures we show clients of stacks and stacks of unread and unsold papers at local vendors. They still will buy newspaper 6-1 over radio.


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