A Radio Success Story…Just in Time For Fathers Day


Our thanks to Halley Phillips from Big River Broadcasting in Florence, AL for this weeks success story. Big River teamed with Second Street for a killer Fathers Day Promotion. The name of the promotion was “Oakley Napa Lawn & Garden present “Deck Out Your Dad.” Listeners had the opportunity to text the word “OAKLEY” direct to the Big River contest line to register for a chance to be the most DECKED OUT DAD IN THE TENNESSEE VALLEY! The winner received a Napa Pressure Washer, Stihl battery powered Weed-eater, 128 piece tool set, Napa Fire-pit, Remote control Drone, & a Napa gift bag!

Radio Ink:  Tell us how you came up with the idea.
Halley Phillips: Sweeps within our radio group is nothing new. The in store “register to win” has always been a successful approach in years past, but we have applied much dedication over the past several years converting our contesting to a complete digital platform. Years and years of going through registration boxes, trying to read what the heck someone wrote on the form, maybe adding to a spreadsheet every once in awhile…..sheesh am I glad those days are gone!

Radio Ink:  Tell us about the meeting with the client.
Halley Phillips: This particular meeting went over very well. The manager in charge was a younger fella, so he bought into our Radio + Digital Approach pretty quick. This isn’t always the case though. To tell the client that we aren’t going to put a physical box and paper forms in the store anymore can make some folks heads spin! We spend a large amount of time educating our clients so they become comfortable with “change”.  It even took some time to get buy in from within our own company. But we have seen so much success with this approach over the past year that it is becoming the norm! (Thankfully!)

Radio Ink:  It looks like the promotion has several different elements.
Halley Phillips:  It does have several different elements, but utilizing these elements makes it much easier for people to participate.

Texting-Contesting-Social-On-Air Promo’s-Email Blasts…. They all should work together.

We know that we must be where our listeners are, turn social engagements into tune-ins, & create interactive opportunies for our clients.

Idea: Give listeners the opportunity to register their dad’s for an ultimate father’s day prize pack. A valuable prize in crucial in driving lots of entries.

Execution: We know sweepstakes typically drive lot’s of entries and leads, but we wanted to take things to a new level by making the registration process 100% digital. Listeners could easily text the word “dad” to our request line and a link to a registration form is sent directly to their phone. They can complete on their time, no need to remember info hours after hearing the promo, no need to stop in somewhere to register. (who has the time) We generate foot traffic for the client on the back end.

Radio Ink: What was the goal?
Halley Phillips:  The goal was to generate hot leads for the client, increase our member database, & generate solid “non-spot” revenue for the station. 

Radio Ink: What did this idea/promotion do for the relationship with the client.
Halley Phillips: This promotion gave our client the confidence to say “YES” with ease when we stop in for visits now. It really changed the complexity of the pitch. We were able to generate 855 Direct Leads over a 3 week window ! The ROI was 8x the spend! They were thrilled. This same campaign is active again this year, and we are on track to beat what we did in 2017!

Radio Ink: How do you know the client got results and was happy?
Halley Phillips: Here is a direct quote from the client: “The prize of the entire promotion was the lead list. We were able to send out a special offer at the end of the campaign and sold 16 lawn mowers, plus saw a 30% increase in sales during the campaign. ”
Jeremy (Oakley Napa Lawn & Garden)

Read more about this promotion at the Second Street website HERE

Reach out to Halley Phillips and congratulate her at [email protected]


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