5 More Pirates Nailed – Including One Pastor


The assault on Pirate Radio operators continues at The FCC. Five more warnings were issued by The Enforcement Bureau this month, including 3 in Miami, one in Brooklyn and a Pastor in Baton Rouge. Here are the details.

The FCC flagged Pastor Francisco Guzman for his illegal operation on 87.9-FM and 1710-AM in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Cameron Brown from Miami is caught operating at 89.5-FM from his home. Miami resident Brenda McHardy is flagged by The Commission for operating illegally at 89/5-FM. Brooklyn resident Steffon Samaroo is caught running a pirate station at 104.7-FM from his home. And a business in Miami called Credo, LLC was issued a warning for operating at 88.7 on NW 79th st in Miami

All five were given ten days to close down and explain to The Commission why they were operating illegally.


  1. Happy to see the FCC move on these criminals that just decide to begin using the airwaves without a license!!

  2. OK. This is fine, but when will the FCC go after ‘type accepted’ devices that create interference on the radio spectrum?
    Just asking for a friend. …..


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