Why This Local Jeweler Shines Using Radio


Our thanks to Gene Kuntz, the General Manager of WITZ AM & FM and WQKZ FM in Jasper, IN for this weeks advertiser success story. Kuntz tells us about the great relationship he’s built up with Bob Disinger who owns Disinger Jewelers.

Radio Ink: Tell us about the stations you’re running and how long you’ve been part of them?
Gene Kuntz: WITZ FM is an Adult Contemporary Station licensed to Jasper and Huntingburg, IN. WQKZ FM is our Country station licensed to the city of Ferdinand, IN. All cities are within 12 miles of each other. We are locally owned by three families. Our corporate name is Jasper On The Air Inc. I have been here 41 years. I started out as an announcer in January of 1977, became Program Director and then Sales and Operations Manager. Almost 7 years ago I became GM with our general manager passed away. Our previous GM, Earl Metzger’s father and two family friends started WITZ AM back in July of 1948. WITZ FM came on the air two years later then increased power to 50,000 watts in 1974. WQKZ FM was added as a new start up in 1998. We switched programming on our AM to a Regional Mexican format in 2015.

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Radio Ink: How did the relationship with Bob begin?
Gene Kuntz: I became friends with Bob Disinger in 1991 when his last name was incorporated into the family business his grandfather started in 1935. That’s when Bob started running his current store.

Radio Ink: Why do you believe radio is working for him?
Gene Kuntz: I believe radio works for Disinger Jewelers because of several reasons. Bob records his own ads and his voice is very recognizable. Customers come in asking for him specifically. He is very involved in the local community and on several boards. He gives back to the community and customers support him in part because of that. When someone comes in and asks to speak to Bob or hear him at an event in the community his voice gives him away. What better testimonial could there be than that?

Radio Ink: Do advertisers in your market still believe in radio despite the onslaught of digital options?
Gene Kuntz: Our advertisers still believe in radio because it works for them. Many of our fine local retailers and the station as well give back to the community and the community recognizes that. We get results for our advertisers and people see members of our station all over town at community events and gatherings and that helps a lot. We all volunteer in the community and it helps build relationships with clients and listeners. We are streaming WITZ FM & WQKZ FM, are on Alexa Skills, Next Radio, Tune IN and have our live stream on our website and station app. We can be listened to from many sources any where in the world. I don’t believe XM, Spotify or any of the other sources take away from the various options our listeners can still listen to us. Nationally radio still reaches 92% of everyone over the age of 12 for 2 hours and 36 minutes a day. That’s more time spent with local radio, regardless of how they listen, compared to time spent with any other medium. Our streaming of local high school sports has a huge following for those who no longer live in our immediate area and can’t listen traditionally.

Gene Kuntz

Here’s an interview Gene conducted with the client for Radio Ink Magazine

Gene Kuntz: Tell us about how your grandfather started your jewelry business?
Bob Disinger: My grandfather began our family tradition in 1932 in Dubois County as a Watchmaker and later trained to be a goldsmith.

Gene Kuntz: How did it evolve into what it is today. (name change along the way)
Bob Disinger: In 1991 we incorporated my last name Disinger into the name of our business.

Gene Kuntz: Was there a problem with how customers pronounced your last name and what did you do to overcome that?
Bob Disinger: Yes, even though my family was from Dubois County, some of our customers pronounced it Dischinger.

Gene Kuntz: Do you think Radio had a part in helping you do that?
Bob Disinger: Radio definitely had the power and influence to train our community on the correct pronunciation of our last name and the name of our business. Disinger Jewelers.

Gene Kuntz: Do customers recognize your voice from the radio commercials when they come to your store or see you in public?
Bob Disinger: Oh yes, I am told I have a very recognizable voice…… I have been producing my own radio spots for over 25 years….. people will say I know that voice….. they will say there’s Bob and he Wants to be your Jeweler.

Gene Kuntz: What do you feel is your most effective and cost-efficient form of advertising?
Bob Disinger: In my opinion there has been a paradigm shift in advertising over the past 28 years. I feel to be successful we have to have a balance to our marketing plan. Radio is very important to the success of our business.

Gene Kuntz: How do you know radio is working?
Bob Disinger: I believe I need to keep changing my ads so, my customer’s don’t tune me out and they ask themselves what is Bob saying now. My customers will say” I know you wrote that radio ad about me”. and I hear you are offering Chocolates and Dinner with my purchase, Or There’s the guy who wants to be my Jeweler………….. I know radio works because of the feedback I hear. Radio gets them in the door and it’s up to us to have the right product for the right price and to close the sale.

Gene Kuntz: What advice do you have for other advertisers considering using radio in their marketing plan?
Bob Disinger: Use your own voice, change up your ads, offer something over and beyond to bring them in your business.

Reach out to gene for a job well done telling radio’s story at gkuntz@witzamfm.com

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