Three Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones


Their children were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting back in 2012 and they say Alex Jones claims the shooting was “completely fake” and a “giant hoax” perpetrated by opponents of the Second Amendment. On Tuesday, the parents filed a defamation lawsuit against Jones who operates the conspiracy website Infowars.

In one of his shows Jones says, “I don’t know what the truth is. All I know is the official story of Sandy Hook has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.” He goes on to say that President Obama was a worse actor than Glenn Beck with his fake crying.” President Obama was making a speech at The White House immediately after the shooting.

In another one of the show clips Jones seems to push a theory that there’s a conspiracy between the shooting and anti-gun owners. Jones often plays video clips and reads news reports from reporting immediately after the incident took place. Those reports always turn out to be incomplete or incorrect once time goes on and investigations become more clear.

Jones also accused Anderson Cooper of staging an interview with one of the Sandy Hook parents. He shows a clip of Cooper turning his head in slow motion and claims his nose disappeared. To Jones that meant the interview was staged in a studio. He also claimed one of the parents was acting and joking before he was told the camera was on and that’s when he began to cry.

In the lawsuits the parents are seeking $1 million in damages.


  1. I stand corrected, Mr. Realist.
    I could have waxed on in a far more strident and yes, vicious manner with my remarks.
    But, I am reminded I am a guest here – with just a little skin in the game.

    • Thank you for your restraint but it is not needed. He doesn’t give respect so he doesn’t engender it. But I toast you, all our friends to the North and your dreamy PM. If only……

  2. Note to “Realist”:
    The lesson for us all, I believe, is: Never underestimate the extraordinary, innate (not necessarily, in the case of radio – applied) power of electronic media.
    And since I’m already up on my soapbox, I may as well add that, since the election of the out-of-control and uninformed Dear Leader and his “America First” (read: “America Only”) policy, I have lost every last one of my American clients.
    So yes, I have been impacted.
    Good thing I still enjoy Universal, single-payer Healthcare.
    Maybe youze guys could give that one a whirl, as well.
    That is, except for those who figure “compassion” is a Commie plot.
    Might want to ask Alex about that one.

    • The only mistake you make in your assessment Ronald is believing the Reality Show Con Artist is a real person with thoughts, beliefs and an “agenda”. He has none other than to get himself attention and money. He is a FRAUD who didn’t and doesn’t want the job. He would be much happier bilking the rubes with his own TV Network. He will sell them whatever lies they will accept today. Tomorrow’s lies might be different.

  3. From here:
    First Amendment rights seem to cover about everything.
    Just as well.
    That’s the upside
    The danger lies in the hope that citizens will recognize outright bulls*** and lies when they are exposed to them.
    That, of course, would be: The Downside.

    • They don’t recognize it Ronald. This FRAUD has admitted he is a “performance artist” (i.e. BS artist) which since we are in the entertainment business isn’t the worst thing to be except that the nonsense he peddles isn’t harmless.

      But we also elected another FRAUD performance artist as President and I know you are feeling that effects of that charade in Canada as well. Yet 40% of the barely sentient Americans haven’t wised up to that fact yet.

      As Teddy Roosevelt said – “Americans learn only from Catastrophe, not experience”. Condolences to you because you will feel the catastrophe as well once it happens. He will burn down this country to save his own skin and you will get singed.

  4. If this is what AM radio has to do to get ratings, maybe it’s time to pull the plug and give those frequencies to other services…like ham radio, maybe? CQ, CQ, CQ 300 meters!


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