Magnum Broadcasting Launches News Drone


NEWS TALK 1037FM in Chambersburg, PA has debuted its new drone the station is calling its “Live Eye In The Sky.” General Manager Patrick Ryan tells Radio Ink the main purpose of the drone will be for covering news and community events. The drone is flown by a licensed commercial drone pilot the station contracts with and it has to be insured each time it goes up in the air. The pilot has software that recognizes airports and has contact with them when necessary.

Ryan says, “forget cutting edge, we’re cutting through the skies & on air with news events, community activities, business celebrations and more, as far as we know… it’s the first of its kind combination of live radio and live social media.”

The Live Eye in The Sky will cover news and events throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. NEWS TALK 103.7 is owned by Magnum Broadcasting.


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