Introducing A New Digital Streaming Network


Farmington Hills, Michigan-based New Radio Media is launching its digital streaming entertainment network offering original online audio and video content accessible across connected platforms. Content of the shows will feature topics of interest to metro Detroiters, often with a hyper-local focus and offering local talent a much-needed outlet. Accessible via the New Radio Media App NRMStreamz and New Radio Media website, 13 shows are part of the current line-up across five channels: Business, Lifestyle, Community, Geektainment, and Arts & Entertainment. More channels will be added soon, including Sports and News.

“The demand for streaming entertainment by the consumer grows every year and we are creating a delivery platform for now and for the future,” explained Paul Bensman, CEO of New Radio Media, LLC. “The community is going to help to shape the programming we offer, so if anyone has an idea for a show, we want to hear it. Engaging fresh voices and opinions and undiscovered musical talent, plus experienced presenters and nationally recognized entertainers, will offer Detroit a new and exciting network for entertainment.”

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