Smulyan: Last 6 Months Of 2017 Were Bad


During his Q3 earnings call on Thursday, Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan said advertising took a “pretty significant downturn” in the last six months of 2017. And, as digital and social continue to make significant advertising revenue gains, Smulyan predicted 2018 would be up only 1% for radio. He also said radio “could be flat or it could be down slightly. He was also asked about the CBS/Entercom merger

Answering a question about whether he could compete against the likes of Entercom and the other big companies who have massive scale, Smulyan said absolutely Emmis can. “We’ve been a boutique for ever and ever. The most important thing is to have strong content. Look at Jerry Lee’s station in Philadelphia. They’ve been a stand-alone, number one station for years. I’d rather have one really good station than eight bad ones. Every day we wake up, we believe we can compete.”


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