Amazon Stays Hot On Radio


It dropped down a couple of notches on the Media Monitors weekly chart, however Amazon still aired 36,387 commercials on radio stations across America last week. That was strong enough to place third on the list. GEICO topped the chart with 39,421 spots, followed by JC Penney with 39,155. Rounding out the top five were The Home Depot in 4th (28,390) and Macy’s (26,697). Sprint was a big mover, going from 18th to ninth with 20,260 commercials.


  1. In the mid 1990s, a new advertiser called “Amazon” introduced itself with a spate of radio commercials. A “man on the street” interviewer asked people where they would put the millions of books that Amazon was selling online. Such a new, radical concept. One that radio seemed to be the best medium to promote. I’m glad to see that Amazon has realized that radio is still the best medium to use to promote its concept of an online shopping place. That should be a pretty convincing message and example to other advertisers that radio remains one of the most pervasive, persuasive and powerful media on earth.


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