Change Happens. Be Prepared.


(By Randy Lane) There have already been several format flips in the Entercom and CBS merger, and with change comes opportunity for talented air personalities. Whether you’re looking to move up, or you’ve been moved out in a downsize, here’s a checklist for putting together your job application package.

The Demo

We are all busy, so make it easy to access your audio. Attach an mp3 to your email and include a link. Include links to all your social media platforms. Be sure the links are to your show pages and not your personal ones.

  • The ideal demo length is approximately three minutes of your best content. Include humor, a personal story, an external story with commentary, your point of view, a popular benchmark, listener/guest interaction, and selling a station promotion/contest/event.
  • Make your content inclusive, in-context, and easy to follow for a first-time listener. Be sure you are personally distinguishable if you are part of an ensemble cast. We’ve received many demos and had no idea which person was sending the demo.
  • Have a second demo ready for interested stations/companies. This could be an expanded 8- to 10-minute collage of your best content or a killer scoped hour from one of your shows.
  • Start both demos with an attention-getting piece of content that engages the person listening within the first 10 seconds. Put the best segment of your content first.

Future note: Save and archive every show you do. We know talented people who have not saved much audio and don’t have access to their best content.

The Resume

  • Devise a concise one-page resume that highlights ratings, Web traffic increases and followers, community work, and articles written about you and your show.
  • Invest a few dollars in a professional head shot.
  • Include links to one or a few of your best videos. Videos are an essential component of your personality brand.
  • If you’re a good writer, include a link to one of your best blogs.
  • Gather testimonials or references from key people in the industry.
  • Include a brief bio (not your life story) that gives decision-makers some insight into who you are.

Here’s a link to a site with some excellent tips on writing or updating your resume.

Randy Lane has worked as a DJ, program director, and general manager. He launched the Randy Lane Company in 1996 with the mission of developing morning shows and coaching talent. He has collected numerous industry awards, including Billboard’s “Consultant of the Year” for Adult Contemporary and Top 40.


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