Dee Snider To Host “Halloween Hair Ball”


Philadelphia’s 95.7 BEN FM will feature Dee Snider, lead singer of 80s rock band Twisted Sister, as the guest host of “95.7 BEN FM’s Halloween Hair Ball” on Saturday, October 28, starting at 7 p.m. Snider will play the top 50 greatest hair band hits of the 80s, as chosen by the 95.7 BEN FM listeners, commercial free.

“We came up with the idea of letting listeners choose their favorite scary, hairy hits of the 80s and running them back countdown style for people’s Halloween parties,” said 95.7 Program Director Chuck Damico. “There’s only one perfect host that makes sense for that – Dee Snider! He’s an 80s rocker, a radio pro, and Philly loves him! We’re thrilled to have Dee party with 95.7 BEN FM for the Halloween weekend.”


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