LA City Council Supports Unionized SBS Employees


On October 18, city council members unanimously voted to pass a resolution, strongly endorsing the efforts of both SAG-AFTRA and the Spanish Broadcasting System. The resolution calls for both entities to engage in good faith negotiations and reach a fair contract with a living wage for talent providing on-air services for two popular LA Spanish-language music stations: LA RAZA (KLAX 97.9 FM) and MEGA (KXOL 96.3 FM), which voted to unionize in August 2016. Earlier this month, Region 31 of the National Labor Relations Board in Los Angeles officially issued a complaint against SBS after finding merit to myriad egregious unfair labor practice charges filed by the union against the media company.

“I’d like to thank the Los Angeles City Council members for passing this resolution,” said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. “We will continue to work hard to negotiate a fair and just contract for the unionized SBS employees as they deserve nothing less.”

“In Los Angeles, we are fortunate to live and work in a city that embraces diversity, leads the fight for working families, and is home to the entertainment capital of the world. With that beautiful nexus of diversity and opportunity also comes a responsibility: The responsibility to stand up and speak up when workers are unfairly fired and mistreated,” said Council member David Ryu.


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