Radio Host’s Foot-In-Mouth Disease


First it was Cam Newton with the sexist jab at female journalist Jourdan Rodrigue. Now, reports that Philly sports radio host Mike Missanelli has been cut loose by Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate for a sexist comment about Beth Mowins doing the play-by-play on Monday Night Football.

Here’s what Missanelli said: “I don’t know why the sporting world needs a female play-by-play person on an NFL game. And I know that sounds harsh, and I just want to know what is the reason for it,” Missanelli said two days after Mowins called a Week One game. “It just to me sounds unnatural for her to be calling the NFL. Now, in college, it sounds sort of unnatural as well. But I can live with college. But this is prime time, Monday Night Football. I didn’t catch a lot of the game. Was she good? If she did a good job, then I’m wrong.”

With the NFL’s popularity sinking, this was the last thing the sport needed. And it’s not something we need in radio either.


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